Christians: Evolve, or step aside!

I saw this recently:

There comes a time with any group, when you have to learn and change to fit into societal norms, or else be abandoned by sticking to tradition. I feel 2015 is one of those times for christians.

I would like to provide the following translation, which I think is quite accurate:

There comes a time with any group, when you have to learn to give into peer pressure, or be rejected for standing up for your beliefs.

I received the following response:

Beliefs that cause social injustice, yes. Stand up for those beliefs. Or give into the peer pressure of “being a rational and accepting person”. …Nearly every social injustice in America today is backed up with god’s name…


There’s a bit of a irony here. Do you see it?

Nearly every social injustice is backed up with some sort of justification. Religion is one of many popular go-to’s for justifying predetermined beliefs, but that doesn’t make it the cause. The fact that all eco-terrorists cite environmentalism as a reason for arson doesn’t mean environmentalism itself is the problem. The fact that Lenin used income inequality as a justification for his crimes doesn’t inherently mean communism itself is to blame. The fact that buddhists and shintoists slaughtered eachother doesn’t mean either one of those belief systems encourages such things.

The problem isn’t Christianity VS the rational world. The problem is tribalism: “US vs THEM”.

It’s in our nature (both Christians and non) to decide that OUR tribe and ITS actions are the best, and anyone who is not part of our tribe is the worst. Slap a label on the other tribe so that anyone you disagree with is simply not as good as you because THEY’re not in YOUR enlightened tribe of incredibly wise and intellectual elitists.

It’s a growing trend to write off ALL of Christianity simply because some of the people wearing that label aren’t as evolved as your oh-so-rational and accepting tribe is.

Wait a second… if I can write off ALL of Christianity as irrational and unaccepting simply because of what some people do in the name of Christianity… am I being truly rational in my response to Christianity? Surely, I’m not being very accepting of Christianity!


Now do you see the irony?

Much as Christianity is often used to justify things that are in fact anti-Christian, it appears people can in fact use “rational and accepting” as a basis for being irrational and unaccepting!

If the logic used here for writing off Christianity is followed to its conclusion, then we should conclude that being rational and accepting is a terrible idea because it results in so many people being irrational and unaccepting.


One more point

Yes, Christianity, God, religion– all those concepts have been used to commit evil. This is because people want to feel like they’re justified in their actions, even when they know deep down that they aren’t. But, if you abolish all Christianity, or all religion, because of how it has been used (or abused), should we not also apply the same principle to anything else that has been used to commit evil? Here are my recommendations:

The Government: There is not a government that has existed on earth that has not committed evil. Should we not do away with all governments?

Capitalism: Many people are onboard with this already, because of the abuses those in power have committed through this economic system.

Socialism: Oh… that’s right. Socialism has been abused, as well. As has communism.

Belief: Let’s face it. Belief is what motivates action. Political, social, cultural, superstitious beliefs– all types of beliefs have been used to justify evil acts. Even those who claim their only belief is love and equality have hated and shown prejudice to those who don’t share their specific take on love and equality!

Humanity: Ultimately, it’s starting to sound like humans should just be done away with.

…Where’s Skynet when you need it?