I Believe.

I believe there’s a God because I see order and design in the universe.

I believe He is loving because I have seen the good things He has given us, and I see that people are designed to thrive on love.

I believe He is just because I see that the world is designed with order, and that people are designed to respect boundaries.

I believe He is righteous because I have seen the wisdom and goodness from following His guidance, and the destruction from ignoring His wisdom.

I believe He is personal because I have seen His direction in my life and in many others.

I believe not because I have any hard, fast, concrete or even scientific proof. I believe for the reasons above and for many others. I believe because I see no satisfying alternative.

I believe this is what Paul meant when he called faith the evidence of things unseen. It is not a blind or arbitrary faith. I believe because I see.

And so I believe.