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Here are some links to other websites that might interest you.


My Stuff

Breakroom Studios – A website featuring various podcasts and video projects I’ve done.

Bible News Network – A Comedy Web Series that answers the age-old question, “What if there had been a news network providing live coverage on the events of the Bible?”

Pop Mockers – A Pop Culture Comedy Podcast.

The Adventures of Plank-of-Wood Boy – A webcomic adventure I write, draw and color.

The Comic Panel Project – A collaborative webcomic experiment I started, involving multiple different artists telling a story together.

My Facebook Profile – I try to keep it interesting.



Pastor John’s Journal – My dad’s blog. Mostly spiritual insights. He’s a very wise man.

The Write Stuff – My mom’s blog. Mostly devotionals. She’s someone who really makes her life a part of Christ.

Johnny Cowan Music – My very musically gifted older brother’s website. Seriously, check out his stuff. It’s amazazing!

Castles and Catapults – My younger brother, Joe’s blog. He’s a talented aspiring writer.

The Annie Rose Page – Another extremely musically talented sibling’s Facebook page. Give her a listen. Her voice is incredible.

Wood Aesthetia – The carpentry work of my very skilled older brother, Joshua.

Micah.Cowan.Name – My eldest brother’s blog (he’s the one who introduced me to making my first website). Since he’s a complete computer nerd, a lot of the stuff is over my head. The stuff that isn’t over my head, I often disagree with, but it makes for what I think are very positive discussions!

Invisible Creature – The graphic and web design business of my cousins, Don and Ryan Clark. They’re extremely talented. Chances are, you own an album that they designed. If you’ve ever admired one of Target’s clever gift cards, you probably admired their work.

Demon Hunter – Same cousins, but in a popular metal rock band.

Grayson Kessenich – Different cousin, awesome music. I used to be in a Christian rock band with him called Frankly Scarlet.



Juniper James – A thrifty fashion blog by my friend, Kari Shipman.

Christian History – A great resource for learning all about the early days of the Christian church.

Zerbinator Land – Podcast(s) by my friend, Kevin Zerbe

Mallow Man – A family-friendly comic book series by my friend Marcus Clawson



Nobody’s Listening – A podcast where the hosts tell funny life stories and invite you to do the same. James Kennison is a podcasting mentor to me.

[img] Insert Image – A webcomic I recently discovered about a couple guys who work at a church

Axe Cop – A hilarious comic written by a 6-year old boy and drawn by his adult brother

Bizarro – One of my favorite comics currently in syndication. If you’ve been on the internet before, you’ve probably seen someone share one of his comics.

Phil Vischer – Co-creator of VeggieTales, as well as my new favorite kids show, What’s in the Bible? with Buck Denver