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Analyzing Brittany Maynard

For those not in the know, 29-year-old newlywed Brittany Maynard has brain cancer. In April, she was given six months to live. Rather than drag it out, she has decided to choose the day of her death for herself; namely, Nov 1, 2014. It’s a controversial decision that has a lot of people vocalizing opinions in favor and against her. I decided I might as well join the noise and weigh in with my thoughts, so here they are.


Comic Creators for Freedom

Just wanted to briefly tell you about a really cool event I’m involved with called Comic Creators for Freedom! Each year, over 100 comic creators from around the world come together to raise funds in support of Love146. Love146 is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending child trafficking and exploitation through Survivor Care, Prevention Education, Professional Training,…