Comic Creators for Freedom

Just wanted to briefly tell you about a really cool event I’m involved with called Comic Creators for Freedom!

Each year, over 100 comic creators from around the world come together to raise funds in support of Love146.

Love146 is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending child trafficking and exploitation through Survivor Care, Prevention Education, Professional Training, and Empowering Movement.

 — We urge you to join the fight with us! —
Here’s how it works: each comic creator has donated an original drawing of their own character and then the 100+ drawings are compiled into a single piece of art. That image is then given as a donation reward during our fundraising drive as a downloadable wallpaper for your computer desktop. So far, we’re about 1/3 through our $5,000 goal!
The Donations Drive ends December 14th, 2013.  Please donate and and spread the word now!