Mother’s Day Song for My Mother and My Wife

My wife is out of town for mother’s day, and is spending the day at MY mom’s house, so I wrote this song for both of them. Feel free to share it with the mothers in your life.

Here are the Lyrics:

Chorus 1:
Happy Mother’s Day
to the mother that I married
and also to the mother
who’s a mother to me

Just so there’s no confusion
those are two different people
so don’t start thinking
that my mother married me.

I should also point out
that the mother that I married
was not a mother when we married
’till we’d been married a year or three

Chorus 2:
Happy Mother’s Day
to the mother of my children
and the mother who’s a grandma
to the children of my wife

Just to clarify,
Those are still two different peeps
so don’t think that we are creeps
because we really really aren’t.

I just wanted
to tell them both in the same song
but now I’m thinking I was wrong
because the explanation’s getting long

But the point I want to make is that I love you both
in two separate and distinctly different ways!
I love the mother that I married
because the children that she carried
have the best mother I could ever want for them!
And I love the mother of me
cause she was as good as a mom can be
And I hope that you can see that I appre-
ciate it!

Chorus 3:
Happy Mother’s Day
to the mother of my babies
and the mother of my brothers
and my sisters and me.

Happy Mother’s Day
to my mother and my wife
i’m so glad you’re in my life
and the children agree!